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Auguste Escoffier: Memories of My Life

Auguste Escoffier: Memories of My Life

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Auguste Escoffier: Memories of My Life


by Auguste Escoffier

Pre-Owned Hardcover

272 Pages

Condition: Fine

Captured here, for the first time in English, is the life, the philosophy, and the art of the legendary Auguste Escoffier—as he himself recorded it. Faithfully translated by his great granddaughter-in-law, Laurence Escoffier, the text eloquently communicates the warm sensibilities of Escoffier, a man who spoke of menus as poems.

Escoffier's great love of food and culinary art glows from every page, creating a sensory feast for serious gourmands and professionals alike. Escoffier intimately describes dishes, presentations, original menus and recipes, all in the context of their creation.

History buffs will feast here, too. Filled with tidbits about the aristocracies of France and England, their dining habits, and their amusements, the book provides insight into the social and political system at the time, as well. In addition to Escoffier's original memoirs, this collector's item includes:

  • Never-before-published correspondence with American chefs.
  • Photographs of original menus and recipes.
  • Current menus from Savoy, Ritz-Carlton, and Pierre Hotels.
  • A glossary of people, places, and events.
  • A concurrent timeline of developments in American political and culinary history.

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