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Pastry Chef’s Little Black Book Volume 2 - Signed

Pastry Chef’s Little Black Book Volume 2 - Signed

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Pastry Chef’s Little Black Book 2: The Definitive Recipe Collection, for Chefs, By Chefs

by Michael Zebrowski and Michael Mignano


New, Hardcover

Signed by Michael Zebrowski

Our friends Chefs Michael Zebrowski and Michael Mignano have compiled this collection of  "must have" component recipes for use by professionals.

The recipes in the Pastry Chef’s Little Black Book are organized into chapters on dough; fillings; types of cake; frostings & glazes; custards & creams; mousses; cookies; sauces; chocolates & confections; frozen desserts; breakfast, and breads. There are no composed plates—they leave that to you & your creativity.

This book is designed to be USED. The print is large and clear (black on stark white paper).Recipes rarely take more than a single page—perfect for reading across a work table. The grid format offers metric and US measurements that are easily scale-able with plenty of space for your own notes. Procedures and notes are brief, concise, and assume a high level of comfort with basic techniques. There are very few photos. Beside an insert of color photos of composed plates, there are a few black and white photos of certain recipes. The authors leave it all to your imagination, providing recipes as building blocks.

Chef Michael Zebrowski is currently a Pastry Chef Instructor at The Culinary Institute of America. Chef Michael Mignano is the Executive Pastry Chef of The Pierre, a Taj Hotel, in New York City. The two worked together early in their careers and have decades of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, hotels, and as professional educators.

Hardcover. Color and b-&-w-photos

384 pages





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