Fall Drop 1.0 | 2017

Fall Drop 1.0 | 2017 - TrueCooks

You’d think making something as ancient as a wooden spoon would be simple. We sure did. All I wanted to do was make a quality wood spoon for cooking. Something heavy with some weight to it with a nice diameter handle and a tapered end to assist in plating whatever you’re stirring. As it turns out we spent over a year testing sample after sample, dutifully rejecting each one along the way for a host of reasons. What we ended up with is our Heavy Duty 18″ Wood Spoon. Carved from hard teak it weighs-in at a little under a 1/2 pound. Its wide diameter handle makes for comfortable long-time risotto stirring and added control for de-glazing the best bits…


Anyone that’s worked for 5 minutes in San Francisco knows Chef Bruce Hill’s name and reputation as not only an innovator & SF OG legendary Chef but they also know him as one of the nicest and most supportive guys you’ll ever meet. My history with Bruce goes all the way back to 97 when he was opening the Waterfront and my roommate at the time scored the prep cook position (he was one of the first cooks hired) Flash forward about twenty years and I’m doing the breakfast service at the Andaz 5th Avenue in New York City – we’d do a minimum of 100 covers daily off a 4 burner and a 2 foot squared plancha – and I see Bruce’s name on these little presses the guys were using them for everything. Somehow this genius invention was totally off my radar but it didn’t take 1 second to see the value in them. They create efficiency in cooking, create greater surface contact for even caramalization and because of their perforated design – they do not steam foods like traditional presses do.  They can be linked together to cover larger foods and can also be stacked on top of one another to create the effect your looking for (perfect thick-ass molten grilled cheese sandwich for instance)  It took us a couple of years to make these as Bruce has set up all of his production in Oakland, California and are thrilled to finally share this wonderful tool with all of you.



Never 86 anything – plain and simple – except for jealousy, racism, bigotry, sexism, superiority, fear and hate – definitely 86 all that shit for good. 100% Cotton, tag-less collar,  woven label. Available in red, navy and heather grey in sizes Small – 3XL



Some original art that speaks to every working Chef around the world. We love our guests but they can be a handful sometimes with special orders and dietary restrictions. 100% Cotton, tag-less collar,  woven label. Available in black or white in sizes Small – 3XL.


We love old EC comics, zombies and all things  Halloween. Probably because it’s not a “food” holiday and we all need an excuse to drink and or dress up and get weird.  We ran these last October and sold out of sizes in a week – So this year we added creepy purple as an additional limited run color choice! 100% Cotton, tag-less collar,  woven label. Available in black or purple in sizes Small – 3XL


Back in 2007 we started TC with the idea to make one tee shirt and it would read “CHOP, DICE, MINCE & REPEAT” That would also serve as the tag line for the brand. Well things change and shit happens and those of you down with TC know we didn’t even drop our first logo tee before 2013, so, yeah we’ve been looking at this for almost 10 years now and still kinda love it! 100% Cotton, tag-less collar,  woven label. Available in white in sizes Small – 3XL


Great combinations are awesome to stumble across and that’s the story behind this one.  When Thatcher (our in-house artist) completed this wicked painting of Marco a few months back – my 2 cents was “Can we add the Comedian from Watchman’s happy face pin?” He did and we both got a laugh out of the juxtaposition- they’re pretty similar in a lot of ways too!  100% Cotton, tag-less collar,  woven label. Available in dark grey in sizes Small – 3XL

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