David Hannah

CITY: Virginia Beach
DATE OF BIRTH: 6/8/1986
IG HANDLE: @regularchef
PROJECTS OUTSIDE OF COOKING: cartooning, I’m in the beginning stages of writing a drawing a couple comic strips. (Shout out “the new guy” that dude rocks). Podcasting, I’m part of a podcast that is going to do a deep dive and discuss every episode of the show “The Wire”. (Which is one of the best shows ever)
HOBBIES: drawing/doodling/cartooning, writing, reading, comics, traveling, basically living out all my childhood dreams as I head into my mid 30’s.
FAVORITE MOVIE: can’t choose just one so I’m gonna give three:  Ninja Turtles (the original from 1989) Coming to America, Paid n Full
FAVORITE DRINK: hard cider and hot chocolate with marshmallows 
FAVORITE FOOD: crispy fried chicken wings (drums only, no flats over here)
MY LAST MEAL WOULD BE: stewed oxtail with rice and peas and cabbage, from any Jamaican food spot on the corner in a major city.