Rachel Bosset

DATE OF BIRTH: 11-04-1977
IG HANDLE: @sweetmeatchef
PROJECTS OUTSIDE OF COOKING: Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Help Text Line (914-512-8329), @oneconfections (on hiatus until I can cut down my hours at work)
HOBBIES: Writing, crackin’ myself up (I’m hilarious!), muay thai, weight training
FAVORITE MOVIE: Aliens (1986)  
FAVORITE DRINK:  Coffee (extra foamy oat milk latte), but I’m not mad at Tequila, either
FAVORITE FOOD:  All of the fruit, and also french fries
MY LAST MEAL WOULD BE: Nachos, with a side of all the fruits and some fries, and a coffee milkshake
FAVORITE KITCHEN TOOL:  Those white, plastic bowl scrapers and also small offset spatulas (you can’t make me choose just one of these!!)