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Sugar High by Chris Sayegh

Sugar High by Chris Sayegh

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Sugar High


by Chris Sayegh

160 Pages

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Sugar High, which shows you how to dose your dough and make the very best cannabis-baked goods. From the pioneer of cannabis-infused cooking, these 50 recipes range from sweet treats that are elegant and classic to bars, cakes, and cookies that are gooey and decadent. Recipes include the following:

-Brown Butter Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Tart and Sweet Citrus Bars
-The Easiest Strawberry Shortcake
-S’Mores Bars
-Decadent Seasonal Trifle
-Creamy Coconut Gelato
-Doughnuts with Strawberry, Maple, and Chocolate Glazes
-And more!

Sugar High will also guide the reader to choosing the strain and dose of cannabis that’s right for them so that enthusiasts and dabblers alike can whip up sweet treats to share with—and wow—their friends.

About the Author: Our friend and all-around good dude Chris Sayegh is the Founder and CEO of The Herbal Chef™ a pioneering plant medicine hospitality platform, which has a brick and mortar location in Santa Monica, California. A passionate science student, Chris studied biology before focusing his research on food chemistry and plant medicine. Among the first culinary professionals to enter the Cannabis industry, Sayegh has been instrumental in ameliorating the negative perception of marijuana and other plant medicines in the mainstream media; he is recognized throughout the world as a leader and innovator in educating people about how to cook with Cannabis. The Herbal Chef has been covered by CNN, GQ, Fast Company, Forbes, Fox News, and The Guardian among other major news, business, and lifestyle outlets.
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