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World's Best Beers by Ben McFarland

World's Best Beers by Ben McFarland

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World's Best Beers


by Ben McFarland

Pre-Owned Hardcover

320 Pages

Condition: Fine

A scintillating and striking saunter through global beer culture that will inform, educate and entertain in equal measure. Including all the information a discerning beer drinker needs to know, it will quench the thirst of beer drinkers whether they be globe-trotting enthusiasts or armchair aficionados. Ale seekers, beer buffs and novices alike will gain a fascinating insight into the world of beer, from bitter to stout, golden ales to porters. Maps show the location of key breweries for those beer tourists wishing to seek out the provenance of their favourite brew. The craft brewery revolution in the United States has thrown up hundreds of fascinating and tasty ales, some created and sold in tiny brewpubs, others made in small and medium-sized breweries, from Portland to Denver, Boston to San Diego. American ale now stands side-by-side and even surpasses the finest European brews as a quality drink. It is rapidly leaving behind its old image of a 'blue collar' brew. Meanwhile, a beer and food revolution is underway, with beer becoming a valid accompaniment to fine food. Lovers of quality ale are championing their tipple as a credible alternative to a glass of wine with dinner. This phenomenon is gaining international attention. Innovative brewers and chefs have long known that beer is brilliant in the kitchen. The concept is underpinned by such culinary luminaries as the Roux Brothers and Gordon Ramsay who are experimenting with beer in their menus. Ben McFarland is an award-winning beer expert and was voted Britain's Beer Writer of the Year in both 2004 and 2006. He is co-author of Good Beer Guide West Coast USA and is a regular commentator on ale-related matters for many publications, including Beers of the World magazine, The Guardian, The Times and London Lite.
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